The men I hired where quite capable, Mark Callaway is now in my possession, secured in my basement and out cold thanks to the sleep drug I injected him with, he will wake up within the hour and then our fun can begin….well I suppose I will be having the most fun considering what I am going to do to him.

Off course I had to….deal with one of them after three of them left, one of them remained, he started questioning me about what I was going to do to Mark, he had seen some of the stuff I had hidden in the basement and it had made he wary.
I did tell him what I meant to do and my reasoning behind it, surely he could see Mark was the reason people in WWE were not getting proper chances to be the best damn wrestlers they could be right?

Wrong, he looked at me like I was crazy, he called me crazy to, said I could not do that, I asked him why he cared so much about the man, he did not care for wrestling he told me, but his brother did, and he loved Mark, saw him as the greatest wrestler ever….makes me sick! It is because of Mark I had to leave the WWE; it is because of Mark my dream was crushed!

Oh, but he told me I was wrong! That if I refused to release Mark and turn myself in for some kind of psychological treatment or some crap like that, then he would go to the police and tell them everything, he had the gall to threaten me!

But I dealt with him, he had no idea I had guns hidden around the living area of my hideout, so naturally I got one of them out then went and blocked the door, pointing the gun at him, oh the fear in his eyes, that delicious fear that I will soon see in Mark.

Oh he tried to talk to me, to convince me not to go down that road, that once you kill there is no turning back but he did not know that his is not the first life that I have taken on this path to my well-deserved vengeance on Mark Callaway.

I did not tell him that though, I pressed the trigger and shot him, clear through the head, blood and brain matter spraying out of the hole now in his head as he dropped to the floor, blood oozing out and to the floor dying it red.
I will need to clean up the blood and brain matter and deal with the body….I will bury him outside, deep in the earth, just like I buried my dear older brother when he tried to stop me.

Yes, I killed my brother, see me and him? It was our dream to be in WWE and we went together, trained together in their training facility, went on to their main shows together he got a few chances, but nothing good enough, me? I got none, nada, Zilch! I got mad and I knew who was to blame, Mark Callaway!
So, I left, McMahon let me leave and then I began plotting my revenge, if I took out Callaway WWE would lose the creature that kept them from giving proper chances to the rest of us!

But my brother saw what I was planning, he saw the drawings, the lists I was doing to plan and confronted me one night, told me to stop what I was doing or he would go to police about me, my own flesh and blood betrayed me!
But I would not let him, I took a knife, the sharpest we had and attacked him, I stabbed him in the throat, the blood sputtering out and hitting my clothes and staining my hands with his life, but I kept stabbing him, over and over again until I was sure that he was dead.

I had to deal with his body after that and the blood, I took a shower to clean it of, changed clothes, then faked his handwriting to write a suicide note, that I left on the kitchen table, for all intents and purposes people would think he had killed himself and done somewhere where he could not be found, in reality I took his body, wrapped up in a sack for trash along with the knife and my dirty clothes, to the forest hut our family owned, but now that I am all left of the family, our parents dead in a plane crash, it was mine now and with the large basement and the far out location, it would be perfect for my needs.
I buried my brother outside, buried him deep in the ground but did not mark his grave, he did not deserve a marker for his betrayal against me, I will bury the other body the same way.

No one is going to stop me from my revenge no one!!!!!!!!


Friday November 1st, near the Arena that would be housing Smackdown, though this Smackdown was going to be special, Mark Callaway aka Undertaker had announced that he would soon retire completely but he wanted to say a proper goodbye to his fans, so he would be having matches or doing segments on RAW and Smackdown, starting tonight, with his final match being (off course) at WrestleMania the following year.
Or that is what was scheduled however Smackdown and Mark Callaway would soon find things changed, the heavy rain falling from the dark sky could very well mark just how dark things would become for everyone on Smackdown and RAW, Mark most of all.

Near the arena a black van was parked within the dark shadows of an alley, almost as if who ever parked it was trying to hide it away, which, truth be told she was, the young pale skinned woman, glad in black.

She was watching the arena and roads closely, waiting for Callaway, he would pay for everything soon, she would show him, show the world what happened when you made yourself so great that no one else would have a chance, off course she knew, that she would not be able to take the man down on her own, so she had hired a few men to aid, each of the five currently, like she was, glad in all black, and hidden in the back of the van, ready to strike upon her signal.

Or, well truth be told she might be able to take him alone, she had been a WWE diva a few years ago after all but had to quit, because of HIM, Vince and the rest of the people in charge where unwillingly to give anyone else a proper chance, while Mark was still alive no one would get proper chances, but she would make sure that did not last much longer, which is why she did not want to reveal herself to the jackass upon his abduction, he would fine out who she was when she had him secured back in her hideout and then he would pay for everything!

Currently though the young woman was tapping her fingers impatiently against the wheel, growing tired of waiting and growing ever more annoyed with the men in the back, they had taken to playing cards or something such while waiting and their constant whining and complaining and accusing each other for cheating where grating on her nerves, she could not wait to be rid of them.

She was about to turn around and tell them to shut the hell up when she noticed a car coming up the road, and sat up a little straighter, and grabbed her binoculars putting them to her eyes and looked at the car a cruel smile spreading on her face, bingo!

“Oy, quit you playing and get ready, Callaway is coming up the road!” she hissed, the men in the back immediately getting to their feet and moving to grab their guns and sleep drugs before moving out of the van, four of them remaining hidden behind the van looking out while the last one moved to the side to watch the approaching car with Mark in it, waiting for him to park so they could make their move, the woman had come up with the plan.

Simply put the guys she hired would jump Callaway once he had parked, and drug him, then she would bring about the van and they would get him inside and get him tied up, then she would drive the van back to her headquarters and have them aid her in getting him secured in the room she had set up with camera that would broadcast the torture and eventually murder of Callaway when she did it, once he was secure she had promised them their payment and then she would finally be rid of them and then….then she would have her fun with making Callaway pay! The very thought of what she would do to him, off how she would kill him when the time came in a few weeks’ time, almost made her laugh with glee, but no she could not do that, she had to keep her focus, there would be time enough to laugh later when she had Callaway in her clutches.

Then she saw Callaway´s car park and felt her heart beat faster, he might have decided to bring his wife and kids on a spur of the moment and then they would have to call the entire thing of, they did not deserve to be hurt, Callaway was the evil in everything, he was the one who had to pay.

Thankfully though, he had come alone, and as he moved behind the car to get out his luggage and the men moved, quickly moving across the road, the woman´s hands tightened their grip around the stirring wheel, clutching so hard now that her knuckles turned white, if these guys failed, everything she so carefully planned in all those months since she left WWE would be going down the drain, they could not fail her especially considering what she was paying them for this job.

But as she continued to watch it seemed that her hired help, where doing a good job, Mark was trying to fight them as she could tell, but he was just one guy and they where five against him, and while he was putting up a good fight the five eventually managed to get him knocked out and then she drove the van over, four of them dragging mark´s now unconscious body into the back while the last remained by his car, plan was that four of them would stay in the van and go back with her to get him secured and the last would take care of getting rid of his car and luggage, so no one would begin to wonder why his car and luggage was at the arena but he was not, she did not want any one to come searching or to know about Mark, not until she began airing her torture and eventual killing
She looked back, as the men tied Mark´s hands and legs together then nodded to her, “make sure to knock him out again if he starts coming around before it´s time” she said before she turned her attention back on the road, backed the van out and into the road then drove off, towards her hideout.

(Authors note: not much going here in way of dialouge, I wanted to show how our villian abducted Mark but not revealing to many details about her yet, things will pick up in the next couple of chapter though)

Jealousy: Prolouge

Authors note: This is my NaNoWriMo story, a fanfic for WWE. Please note that I am a big fan of Taker and any of the things expressed by the char of this story is not what I think about him

Mark Callaway, people think he is oh so great, being The Undertaker, the Phenom, the Deadman, the demon of Death Valley and all his fucking accomplishments in the WWE……Makes me sick!

Oh sure I know he has done a lot of great things in the WWF back when it was called that and in the WWE when it came to be called that, he has gone through many different variations of his persona and had fans both cheering and booing, but what about the rest of us huh?!!

We fight just as hard as he did, we worked just as hard as he did, but do we get the same opportunities as he did?!! NO!!!!

And it is all his damn fault! Mark Callaway did so much that now a days Vince and his company are afraid to give the rest of us opportunities like they gave him for fear they will make him seem like less than he was!

Oh, but I will show them, I will show him, I will show everyone! When I have Mark Callaway, I will let the people and WWE see that even he can bleed and die like the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legacy stop

So I havent updated my legacy in….ages and sadly I have come to the descion to end it, I am mentally not in a place where I am able to write or update this as often as I´d like and exams are coming up.

I am also not satisfied at all with how the story is going, it is more like a “oh Legacy, lets try!” as opposed to a story with a clear plan or drive….which personally to me is just…no.

SO I am going to stop the current legacy and will return later when I am in a better place mentally but for now this is the end

The Proposal

I love my beautiful Vanessa so much, so after she had made vegetable dumplings for us for dinner, I got down on one knee and proposed, I could not bear another moment without knowing if we had a future together as husband and wife….SHE SAID YES!

02-23-19_10-24-42 AM.png

I decided to add our very own private little wedding spot in our garden, I cant wait til Vanessa and I get married under that arch.

02-23-19_10-25-51 AM.png

Vanessa added an easel in her work room, more ways to earn money and fame that way she said, but as long as she is happy then I am happy.

02-23-19_10-26-28 AM.png

And off course we had to celebrate engagement


01-23-19_6-52-15 PM.png

I managed to get an audition for Preclinical Pharmacuticals, I have no idea why they need someone with Comedy skill for something like this, but it is what they are looking for so I had better get my skill up in comedy.

01-23-19_7-22-41 pm

We build a new room, this for Vanessa, my sweet princess has decided to quit her career as an actress and carve her path to fame as an influncer, registed with the labor department (or whatever it is called), she will be making video and music and write and whatever else she can do make her mark in the Sim world, I am so proud of her and I hope our children will one day have the same courage to follow thier dreams as she does.

01-23-19_7-25-41 pm

Vanessa, recording her first video ever, I beleive she said she was making a fashion tips video.

01-23-19_7-38-18 pm

I took Vanessa with me, to do a street performance, I have not yet gotten the acting skills to perform such a thing alone, but when it is a romance scene, I happy I get to do it with the love of my life


warning: contains mention of sex and some minor swearing

Acting is fun, but it is nervewracking to, when you go in the first time to film, even if it is just a commercial, I was a wreck during the filming but I was able to hide my nerves when we shot the scenes before I headed home.

“Welcome home!” Vanessa called as I passed through our now shared home, had to pay a visit to the bathroom first, before I went to her, greeting her with a kiss, “I passed something on the way home that made me think off you” I said, hiding the rose I picked on my way home behind my back, “oh?” she asked before I showed her the rose,

11-28-18_2-31-52 PM

She smiled at me, as she took the rose and sniffed it, “you’re spoiling me” she said with a smile, “nah, I just thought a rose would be a perfect gift for a rose. I am going to serve up some dinner for us”.

11-28-18_2-41-41 PM

I made Garden Salad for us for dinner, I noted how Vanessa looked thoughtful, “penny for your thoughts?” I asked, “oh, I…I just wondered about your name, I mean Undertaker seems like a bit of an odd name” she said, I could not help but chuckle, “my parents where huge fans of the WWE, so when I came along they decided to name me after my father’s favorite wrestler, The Undertaker. I am a fan too, but not to that extent as they where” I explained, “that´s kind of cute actually” she said as she stood to wash her plate, once we had both cleaned up our plates I decided to ask something of her, wondering if she was ready to move our relationship further, even if we where not official yet.

11-28-18_2-45-55 PM

We where each others first!

11-28-18_2-55-12 PM

Off all the dirty stinking fucking assholes! I swear next time I see Vladius I will fucking hurt him for harming my sweet Vanessa!

11-28-18_2-59-26 PM

Tired and worried as I was about Vanessa, I still asked her to be my girlfriend, after what happend to her, it made me all the more certain I wanted us to be together, to be offcial….SHE SAID YES!